Photo by Kathleen Dreier

BooksWest '78, the 4th L.A. Book Fair, advertising high profile authors appearing as guest speakers at the three day conference.

Candid photo of the recording by author, E.J. Gold, reading the manuscript SlimeWars, published by Gateways Books and Tapes, with Oz Fritz, award-winning engineer, monitoring audio levels.

Frank Herbert, author of Dune, on the left, EJ Gold, author of RetroVisions, SlimeWars and Suaron v. Baggins, on right, at 1976 Westercon.

Writer, proofreader, editor, publisher, illustrator, designer, storyteller, publicist, marketer. Those are the skills I bring to my writing. If you don't have all those skills, you can't be an interdimensional author like myself; how many writers do you know who've had book-signings at Maskull's Books & Tapes on Arcturus. On Vega IV, SlimeWars has gone viral, but then, they've never been to Urth.

SF authors at Vancouver TV station for interview; left to right, Michael Kurland, EJ Gold, Damon Knight, Kate Wilhelm, circa 1977.

Pro Guests at NYC SF Con circa 1983 -- EJ Gold, left, Isaac Asimov, right.

Photo left to right: EJ Gold, Virginia Heinlein, Robert A. Heinlein. The Golds and Heinleins were close family friends for well over half a century, although Horace Gold, founding editor of Galaxy SF, seldom bought Heinlein's stories. He was more of a novel writer than a short story writer, and Galaxy was about the art of the short story.

Fellow SF authors Alan Dean Foster and EJ Gold discussing ideas at a Sci-Fi Con sometime in the mid-1970s. Foster had written and gotten awards for Star Wars IV: A New Hope, the original film that started the series.

Photo, left to right: Robert Silverberg, A.E. van Vogt, Horace L. Gold, EJ Gold.

Photo, left to right: Westercon Guest of Honor Horace L. Gold, with EJ Gold and Forrest J Ackerman, 1976. A recording exists of this event, with a story told by Horace L. Gold.

SF author pro guests, left to right: EJ Gold, Poul Anderson (security guard at back of group) and Frank Herbert at SF Con, 1976.

SF authors at panel discussion, left to right: Ben Bova, Jerry Pournelle, EJ Gold, 1978.

EJ Gold at Nebula Awards Ceremony, IGUANACON, World SF Convention, 1978.

SF Authors Joe Haldeman and EJ Gold, circa 1978.

Authors EJ Gold and Harlan Ellison in story conference, circa 1978.