E.J. Gold's art studio, students working, 1992, photography by Till Bartels

"You walk into a class ... all variety of people are there from beginners to experienced artists. And then there's E.J. He begins to talk and the show begins. Everyone's attention is riveted as this consumate actor, storyteller, and artist of every medium lights up like a beacon. We are all fascinated and soon he begins interacting with various members of the class. Doing demonstrations (sometimes blind, at his side, while talking), taking our work and holding it up to the class for feedback, instruction, a quick suggestion, maybe a stroke on our paper, sometimes just a word ... breathe. Whatever energy level or ability we came into the class with ... well ... we absorb some of the magic ... and like an electron we jump to the next shell ... higher energy, more insight, heightened creativity. It all comes out 'GOLD.' It matters not the media, E.J.'s classes are transformational." -- Maggie W., Grass Valley, CA

"[E.J.]'s very calm, he's very encouraging and and he's very compassionate, and yet, he's direct, so he's the best art teacher that I've ever had."

-- Marcy Calhoun, author of Are You Really Too Sensitive?

"I've always had a knack for art, for E.J. has encouraged that. He is a different kind of teacher; he teaches technique, but he really teaches us to focus on our strengths and brings what is in our inner self out. And I like that."

-- Angela M. Lazarow, retired Chief Administrator, Office of Human Rights, California Depart. of Mental Health and Psychiatric Nurse

"It was E.J.'s love, support and inspiration he gave to his students that really kept me going as I worked through that awkward, frustrating time, similar to learning to play music, the first few ballet lessons or going out for a sport .... You have to crawl before you can walk. Now I am blossoming, experimenting with different fine art supplies, risking a failed piece (which E.J.insists is never a failure, just a new opportunity for growth), and perhaps some day marketing my work."

-- Yvonnne Bartlett, Leadership Training Consultant

"There are hundreds of technical things to mention in relation to the art classes but what amazes me the most is how magically 'the doing' of art sends me quickly and directly into a meditative space. It is immediate. The brush loads and the state changes. And even though I am an egg in the realm of painting (meditation too, for that matter) and I have no discipline in terms of painting daily nor do I yearn to paint ... when I do paint, my awareness seems to heighten, I am more in the moment, I feel more alive and I am producing. I cannot thank Mr. Gold enough for helping me get the courage to think I can produce art. I NEVER would have tried it. I am so glad these videos are available they are chock full of Gold!"

-- Yanesh, Grass Valley Graphics Group Sculptor & Painter

"Thank you and everyone who helped make this past weekend an unforgettable experience. Thank you all for your hard work, dedication and continuously positive and loving attitude. Thank you all for your open arms and allowing me to feel at home and as one of your family.

And thank you E.J., you are the true GOLD that lights the way by example, that gives so much more than words can express and that awakens and feeds the sleeping children who come to you with hungry hearts and minds."

-- Suzann Cimo, Equestrian & Sculptor, Grass Valley, CA

"Through his unique teaching style, [E.J. Gold] presented a series of exercises using pencils, paper, brushes, watercolors and scrapbooks that helped me experience my own source of creativity. By continuing these practices beyond the workshop, I am learning to trust my perception and imagination and bypass my habits of self- criticism and fear of failure. I can use these skills every day in my personal, professional and spiritual life. They are tools for a lifetime and beyond."

-- Tamara Murray Honesdale, PA

"The lessons I have learned in these art classes have affected me in a profound and gentle way. The experience of creating art brings with it a powerful healing energy when you can allow the Artist to come through and when you can allow your painting to just be what it is, to allow yourself to be who you are"

-- Nancy Burns, former administrator, Otis Art Institute

There was something about doing art under E.J.'s careful eye and personal attention -- something that lured me (and others) on, something that dared me to venture to places in my inner world that I had merely glimpsed till now. Before long, what started out as hesitant and stumbling efforts under E.J.'s tutelage turned into results that completely surprised and overwhelmed my doubting inner critic. And the support of class members was amazing!

-- T.S. British Columbia

Basically I quit doing art sometime around the 3rd or 4th grade after my teachers convinced me that I would never be any good at it. Around 50 years later I started attending art classes with E.J. Gold. Not only did I find I could do art, after the initial painful session, I found that I liked it. And I liked the way that everyone in the class seemed to be in a similar fix. No one liked their own work, few thought they could do art and yet we stuck it out because of the amazing compassion and the gentle touch of Mr. Gold. I highly recommend this aspect of the teaching. I suggest you are likely to be very pleasantly surprised if you are able to give yourself the opportunity of this experience.

-- Rose Gander, Texas

"I would just like to say that I have had the good fortune of participating in a magical artistic adventure, suggested, encouraged and helped by E.J. Gold. It was sculpture for me. This was about 12 years ago. I still look at these bronze sculptures that I did with total amazement, especially since before I came here, I had never even seen clay..

-- Yanesh Grass Valley, CA

"Wow! When I observed the amount of attention and concentration that was in the room -- everyone working on their sculptures -- I made my mind up that I want to come to the next workshop. Sign me up!"

-- Susan Plucknett Philadelphia

"It's so easy to recommend Mr. Gold's classes, workshops and books to others. I've been lucky enough to watch and listen to him many times and it's rare to see someone teach in such a way that unlocks a person and gives them permission to be free ... to freely create, to freely be themselves.

"I've seen him walk through his filled classroom, not touching them or their work in a technical sense -- yet bathing them in his own pure artistic energy and spirit ... magically transforming and unlocking their own powers and freedom. It's truly a moving experience to witness the powerful gifts he has and shares so generously with everyone lucky enough to have discovered him.

-- Suzann Grass Valley, CA

I just wanted to write a little something about what I've seen during and after the last Sunday Art Class with E.J. I don't believe I will even get close to a true, full description of the wonder it has created in my home.

My 15-year-old was very proud of his piece. He did the exercise and was amazed at the results. It was like a magical object, designed to work no matter who is doing it, what level of expertise or experience. He was so happy with it that he told his mom when she came home to pick him up that he was putting it up on his wall at his house, in his own room. His mom saw it and she liked it.

My wife has been very turned on with this class as well. She got home and ended her night working on the exercise. She came home from work today and began working on it. After a few minutes we all left to the art store to buy more pencils, new erasers, and more paper.

My youngest son is so excited that E.J. Gold is going to teach him how to make video games!

Our 6-year-old daughter has been working on her clay, making pea-sized balls for her sculpture. She took her materials with her this morning to grandpa's house so she could work on it during the day while we were at work. She unquestionably and undoubtedly, matter-of-factly, understands that she is working on a living being that only wishes for help to come to her world.

All in all, this very simple experience, the act of attending an art class, has transformed our household in a very tangible way. I just call it magic. Thanks to all of you who work so hard. Thanks to E.J.

-- Carlos Sacramento, CA

E.J. Gold, a strong ambassador for the arts, brings an intuitive method of producing art to visually-challenged and blind people.