I first met EJ Gold in 1980, at gold prospecting workshop -- False Creek, Vancouver, BC.

After a month of weekend workshops there, the opportunity came up to do Fourth Way gold prospecting in California, and I was off to California in my old '58 Chevy bus!

Before I met EJ Gold, I had never seen native gold in the raw. (haha, so to speak!)

Strangely enough, I learned the basics of how to pan gold...from carefully watching EJ Gold!

After that, it was just practice, practice, practice. ;) And I got plenty of that, as the initial weekend gold prospecting workshop stretched on to several months of hard labour...and even harder mental-emotional-spiritual work !

By 1982, after two seasons experience on the South Yuba River with the gold prospecting crew working under EJ's direction, I won the Tri-County Gold Panning Championship in Auburn, California. For that effort, I received a panning device, a trophy...and a giant zucchini! (Thanks to Rose for giving me the $2 entry fee!)

Friends visting (and pitching in) at the mine.

Being remote did not prevent folks from visiting the mine.