E.J. Gold (on left) with Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche (on right) mid 1970s in L.A., California.

Dr. Claudio Naranjo visits E.J. Gold at his northern California ranch.

"Dear Mr Gold, how can I thank you enough for all your incredible hard work, kindness and sharing of your wisdom and deep Love. Your picture sits on one side of my Guru Amma with Lee on the other and daily I feel deep gratitude for the outpouring of spiritual teaching and mysterious presence which carries with it such generous gifts from you. You are a source of great comfort and solace in what has (and can still be) an utterly terrifying journey, and the wonderful tools you make available have helped enormously. In my own small way I let people know of these gifts. The year and a half long "retreat" I took in Thailand would not have been complete without the Prosperity Path, ICW's and Ask Matrix opening vistas of possibilities as I stumble around trying to find my way thru multiple maizes seemingly without end. In celebrating Christmas as the birth of a great spiritual Luminary, I feel blessed to have "found" an equally Great Luminary such as yourself. Thank you Mr. Gold and thank you to the community. May you enjoy peace, happiness, good health and may your work continue to reach as many as possible for the benefit of all beings everywhere." -- I.C. Watson

E.J. Gold and long-time friend Lee Lozowick in good cheer. Purna Steinitz, who after Lozowick's passing is carrying on his spiritual lineage, is shown in the background.

"One of the best teachers I have ever had, thanks for the tools 1." -- Christine J.

"Thank you so much, E.J., for all your THOUGHTS...it brings so much consciousness to our lives...I really appreciate it!" -- Sonia

"I was a student of E.J.'s in the early 1970s. My group spent time with him at Crestline and in New York City. Those were the days of Al-Wahshi and The Spiritual Science of DNA. Although my time with him was brief, he has been and continues to be a major influence in my life. I remember washing the dishes one morning in the Crestline kitchen, humming to myself absentmindedly. He approached me and told me to stop humming, to pay attention to what I was doing, to be here now. To this day, when I do the dishes I am totally focused (when I eat, too.). I am 64 years old now and I am still reaping the benefits of having known E.J. Gold. I am greatly comforted knowing that he is still here, doing what he always does, helping one idiot at a time. I thank E.J. for all he does. He has made a difference to me and to so many people. The world is a far better place because of his presence." -- Wendy

E.J. Gold and Robert Anton Wilson,The Illuminatus! Trilogy and Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy, discussing the Secret Esoteric Teachings of Star Wars, 1981.