I started my photography and darkroom training at Fort Devens, the primary training center for Army Security Agency operatives. We were at that time the most secret agency in the intelligence network -- even the letters "ASA" were classified. Today, it's all different; ASA doesn't even exist anymore, nor the technology that made it necessary.

I can't even today tell you what it was all about -- they called us a "radio research foundation". Funny thing; I wasn't a 007, but I was actually a 006 -- Clerk Typist Trainee. That was my answer, no matter who asked me what I did for a living, and it would still me my answer now. I've never actually been debriefed, and apparently, with all the new technology, I don't need to be.

Still, when I worked for Sam Rolfe and my longtime friend Harlan Ellison on Man From Uncle we were questioned several times by other Men In Black From Unidentified Agencies on several issues: weird sci-fi espionage devices, and strange methods of assassination.

Is it any wonder, then, that I held the World Championship Title as the first Level 99 Assassin on the Diablo New Ladder for three seasons in a row???

Here's a shot of me in Cop Shop apparel -- everything on me was Government Issue, including the single-shot Burled Briar pipe and the Minox B miniature camera. You could spot one of us in an instant, but it would have been useless to argue this point with the Powers That Be. I spent my uniform allowance on civvies, what can I tell you?

The graveyard in which I'm standing was the oldest in Boston -- the gravesite, one of the earliest, and was my own. I always like to visit the gravesites of former lifetimes. It makes me cheerful and helps put this life in perspective now & again. I used to make lists of gravesites for folks to visit; it's easy with my Past Life Reading Deck -- it gives general locations. If you want names of specific graves, that's a whole different issue. This requires a Life Reading of a different sort. You can sort of see the bulge in my jacket where the 9mm Walther PPK resides; still my favorite handgun besides my twirling fast-draw .45 Colt, from which I can still draw and squeeze off three shots to bullseye in less than a second -- not bad for a 71 year old codger, eh?

I'm on the right of photo, with my first set of stripes on a band until I can get them sewn on. All the while, I was listed officially as "PFC Clerk-Typist Trainee" throughout my Army career, at the end of which I was earning far more than the miserable $83 a month that actual PFCs earned.

I can't tell you anything, but there's a lot on the internet about the ASA, especially on asa lives! run by my friend Vern. It's a fun site to navigate, and you'll find me in there on the database, along with what I really really did during the War, but you won't be able to read it; you need clearance, and I'm not kidding.

The government says that it no longer uses the AM/CW radio technology that we used back in the day, and that there's no problem owning a Collins R-390 receiver at this time. Of course, that will all change when the Big EMP hits, and all the transistor and digital crap is zonked out, but so far, at this late date, they claim disinterest in any of the older radio technology. It's all digital and satellite now. Sez you.

It is to this background that I owe homage for the communications skills I acquired at ASA spy school -- had it not been so boring, I'd never have thought of other, far weirder, applications for radio waves than mere human information.

Here's what space radio static is: It's the radio-frequency "sound" of the Big Bang, exploding outward in an ever-accelerating "pond wave", a ring nebula effect on a slightly larger scale, creating energy, matter and entropic pools called "black holes" by the locals.

Here's what Big Bang Static does: it provides the power to run the crystal radio. It generates BFO, Beat Frequency Oscillation, the basis for Interdimensional travel. It also creates "hum" in the alpha/theta ELF (Extra-Low Frequencies) necessary to generate flow for higher psychic energies. Most importantly, it resonates with the Schumann Harmonic -- the so-called "World-Sound" mentioned as far back as Babylonian and Sumerian times.

Our humble little van took us everywhere as we researched radio, 1963.

It all makes sense, and the Hadron Collider proved the point and drove it home. I needed that experience as a Cold War Spy to open the way for Prosperity Path so many years later.

Cold War Spy is not the James Bond kind of thing you might think it is. It's more like accounting or, well, clerk-typist, which it what both I and Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond spy fantasies, actually were. PFC Clerk-Typist Trainee 006, signing off...

dih dah, dih dih dit, dih dah, dit dit dit, dih dih dah, dah dih dah dit, dah dih dah.

There was no ASA in Vietnam. Lololololololololololololol!!!