Richard Dawson, Phillip Grant, EJ Gold, Ron Matthies on Tempo TV show, circa 1969, presenting their views about the Great California Earthquake and other current issues.

Back in the 1960s, many artists were staging "Happenings", art events of various kinds, which today might be classified under the category "performance art", but it went way beyond that into socio-anthro issues, such as the fear that California was about to sink into the Pacific Ocean, as predicted by a local psychic. The Fellowship "unpredicted" the earthquake and said "The Big One is not scheduled for a while yet ... we'll let you know." The story generated millions of words in print and hundreds of media hours.

Another "Happening"...When the pope dropped 40 saints from the calendar, EJ Gold and friends from Otis Art Institute showed up in their names as unemployment claimants, seeking employment as miracle workers. The story was carried by every major newspaper and magazine including Time and Newsweek.

Time article on the artist Happening led to a dialogue with the Pope.

After the Public Protest Event, the Happening was extended to include a party, hosted by Famous Gene and Suzy Wong, both Hollywood characters of the sixties.

EJ Gold's story -- that the Monkees played their own instruments -- was obtained by interviewing their instruments. Photos were also by Gold.