Here I am at the Kung-Fu Natural Foods restaurant that I set up along lines decided by David Carradine; he had to drop out when the studio refused to let him take part. The paintings that month were by Schwaderer and Hirschfeld.

Within one month, Kung-Fu was in the black. Cost to set up, including licenses, inspections, equipment and supplies, $9,000 flat. I couldn't do the same today for under $150,000.

Help in the kitchen as "Mom" looks on -- Szechuan Restaurant (Grass Valley)

Ellen Tisdale was our chief cook and guiding star; we prepared and served the best natural foods within 100 miles of us! Many of my cooks were lent to Muktananda and Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche for special events -- our chef training was immaculate and effective.

A day in the life at the restaurant more or less looked like this. Lower right corner bottom photo, that's me at the end of a 14 hour shift; food shopping, cooking, serving, cleaning.