E.J. sculpts a commissioned piece to accompany E.J.'s "Dancer" piece owned by one of his art collectors.

Work in process The Nudess -- Cover photo from the book Amazing Sculpture You Can Do by E.J. Gold published by Gateways Books & Tapes, 2009.

"Over and Out" from the "Silver Series" a series of hand hammered silver wire sculptures.

"Cubist Torso" An exquisite expression of cubism.

This is quite a unique technique. Here E.J. has taken blackened silver colored material, manually textured and colored it and used it as a covering for his wooden sculpture. This is the same material he uses to teach his "Blind Can Draw" workshops.

The Alien by E.J. Gold The Alien by E.J. Gold The Alien by E.J. Gold The Alien by E.J. Gold

After many years of not sculpting E.J. opened the gateway once again with this piece, "The Alien" . The entire run sold out immediately.

Thanks for sharing this video! I found it really useful for larger work I have been doing. -- DeviantCandy

Great...thanks for the professional tips! -- ChannelOfTheDead2

Wow, strong & easy to make. Thanks! -- vidad

Thank you! Off to the hardware store! -- PerfectMystery

Thanks a lot! -- drakenkorin404

Thank you! I purchased all the parts at Lowes! Much Appreciation! -- Chee Chee Dolls

Fantastic! -- Shrubbs

This is a genius idea! It even works for me without the wood base. I just model the doll head in clay over the t-fitting which I screwed to the pipe. When I'm done sculpting, I just screw the pipe into the threads of the floor flange. The floor flange is stable enough to stand alone, for the rather smallish doll head. Thank you, E.J. Gold, for this terrific and cheap head-sculpting armature stand idea. -- Catherine Dilworth