This is a fairly comprensive website touching on many of the areas covered here -- along with several others. You will find a wealth of material and links on Gorebagg.com

Gorebaggs World

GorebaggsWorld is E.J.'s blog on many topics. Here you will find recent game development news, information about his new book releases, pictures of some of his new jewelry and fashion lines, and much more.

Gateways Books & Tapes

On the Gateways E.J. Gold author page you will find a fairly complete collection of E.J.'s books in print. This is by no means a complete list of his written works. However, it is a good start.

The references above are several excellent "go to" places for more information on E.J. Gold. However, if you'd like to inquire further or touch base with E.J. on any topic, feel free to use the form below.