This is the combo plate of the very first chocolate collection that E.J. created....delicious!

These are very special. They are called Mojos, 4 in a box. They are made of solid chocolate. A favorite of many chocolate lovers.

Here is E.J. in the kitchen packaging up the now hardened chocolate batch, getting them ready for the workshop participants to take home with them.

"I ate Mr. Gold's chocolate. Right afterwards I started breathing deeply. I recognized that my body was doing this. It was not me. After a while my muscles contracted and I started crying like I never did. I let go and decided to let my body do whatever it wanted to. While crying deeply for a while, I recognized that there was this big pain inside of myself, because I was separated from God. There was this strong longing to be connected with God. After a while I became calmer and my body relaxed. I experienced a big joy and started laughing." - K.P., Portland, OR

The Heart Truffles, smooth creamy insides and dark chocolate outsides with a gentle sprinkle of organic coconut and nice chunk of organic almond. Not recommended but someone actually ate 12 of these in one day, said they just couldn't stop till they were actually all gone.

"After spending an hour circling the box and sniffing, I decided to try a piece of the chocolate. I was thinking, "Chocolate is pretty much chocolate; but this IS E.J.'s chocolate . . ." I should've known this was not going to be a Three Musketeers Bar, but nothing could have prepared me for what it was. I can't even describe it, except to say that it was perfectly balanced. Texture, taste, aroma, mouth feel . . . just a perfect thing. With love and thanks and more than a little awe." - Melissa L., Riverside, CA

"I realized PRASAD is not a desert. It is FOOD." - Jorge P., Portugal

"I have eaten three of Mr. Gold's chocolates. Each time I've had the exact same experience, which is a gentle feeling of energy from my waist to my neck, and then a space opens up going down somewhere inside my subtle body." - M.J., Missoula, MT

"After the first bite I tried to say something and I realized I should stop talking. I let each bite melt in my mouth. As the last bite melted away I felt great expansiveness, like I was not separate from anything around me. My whole body is related and my heart is full." - L.M., Richmond, VA