An Actresses View of E.J. Gold the Playwright

E.J. Gold is not someone you meet, he happens to you. He lives his life as theater, and it is clear his moments are filled with the extraordinary. Having knowledge of every aspect of the theater experience, he is adept at creating perfect conditions for pure creative force to come through in the moment. This translates into brilliant plays. I have been working with him for three decades as an actress playing the part of the Lord in the Creation Story Verbatim comedy. It does not cease to yield bodacious fruit. The magic of theater is felt when the total is greater than the sum of its parts, when a new kind of energy brings actor and audience to a transcending level of awareness . Al Pacino has referred to this potential state of the actor as "Everyman". The kind of theater Gold writes taps directly into the source of this experience, guiding the audience through well orchestrated mood changes that slip one into that space with seamless grace. With the Creation Story Verbatim play instead of Everyman, I would say it is more like Every Angel, or Every Endless Creator - it is after all a divine comedy. Food for soul intelligence is delivered with the belly laughter punches. One does not walk away from the experience of an E.J. Gold play quite the same as one walked into it. Like I said, he is not someone you meet, he happens to you. I'm glad he and his brilliant play happened to me. -- Kelly Rivera